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2016 Wairarapa DHB Elections
Candidate Statement:                                                  Printable version here

My aim and role if elected is to reduce the incidence of cancer, heart failure and mental illness in Wairarapa.

My opinion is that these conditions are far too prevalent in our area and my understanding of the data is that our position continues to worsen.

I believe that the current board has not given sufficient thought to reducing the incidence and burden of these conditions. I believe the board needs new blood to improve public health for our community.

My position on cancer and heart failure is one in which I will not be dissuaded. Likewise my position on mental health is that we are not giving ourselves a fair deal and I will not be cowed on this issue. I believe these need to be addressed in the open and I will make it my job to see that this happens.


Thank you for visiting my web page.

My Intentions are:
To change the focus of our Board to recognise significant problems we are having in Wairarapa with cancer, heart disease and mental health and to ensure that these are addressed.

To involve as many people in the decision making process as I can. I believe the more brainpower used in decision making the better the result so Board decisions should be inclusive of as much advice as possible.

To post a small monthly article in Wairarapa News so that readers can be up to date and be aware of opportunities to be involved in Board decisions. Similarly, to improve the DHB website for greater openness of information.

To actively seek advice from whoever may be able to help guide our Board.

My Background:

Born in Masterton in 1955.

Married. 5 children. 3 grandchildren.

Educated Wairarapa College, Proxime Accessit.

8 years tertiary education, B.Arch and Dip.BS

Previously architect, contract manager and tradesman.

Violin teacher and luthier.

School caretaker (newly this year).

Cancer researcher since 2003 (energy of attachment to guanine C8).

Where to with your vote?

As a voter you may be swayed into voting for a known entity. Statistically the 3 doctors standing for our DHB will all get in, leaving 4 places, 1 of which will go to Ricky Long, leaving 3. So, statistically, I don't stand a chance!

But - no change to our board will be no change to the inevitable continuation of our devastating public health problems. Most of us will have experienced cancer either directly or in our families/extended families. Likewise heart and mental health problems are unlikely to be unknown to us.

Please consider voting 1 for Butcher, then vote/rank the other candidates:  first, get new blood onto the Board - then vote for Board members as you will.

Links to Papers

Cancer (see peer reviewed article here) is linked to reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS damage cell walls and oxidize DNA by the removal of an electron, allowing carcinogens to attach to DNA. The most common source of ROS in our diet is from water chlorination because the main disinfectant is the ROS hypochlorous acid. Log 3 filtration (99.9% pathogen removal) is the new accepted safe standard.

Ischaemic heart failure (see peer reviewed article here) is linked to chlorination byproducts. These are monitored by water testing and largely eliminated from treated water. However, byproducts are mainly formed in the intestinal tract when chlorinated water meets organic matter. It is here that cholesterol becomes a problem.

Mental Health

Need help? Tried begging? We can do a whole lot better on this one so expect me to be pushing this. I'd add some data for our current position but I think we all know the obvious here.

Please think seriously about voting for policy rather than personality.

New blood for our DHB:

vote 1 for BUTCHER

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