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Linked to this page is a short report on my cancer research over the period 2004-2007. In it I use epidemiology to demonstrate how the building services of electric power and chlorinated water have a  significant impact on cancer - and also on heart failure.

One of the ideas I'm introducing is that cancer and heart failure are linked by redox rather than being completely separate diseases. I am also suggesting that hydrogen ionisation is affected by electric power and that this, rather than EMF, is a possible reason for the powerlines-cancer link.
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Cancer Report 2007
You may find some of the terms used in the linked report a little unfamiliar, and the style rather compact: its main function is as a platform for the graphs and to introduce ideas to explain why these graphs should be so. Perhaps I might add 'informationals' to this site to make this material easier to understand.

I have found obtaining data for research to be quite difficult, so I  hope to add links to make the data available and free for the taking. There are gaps. Much of the data from the NZHIS is pre 2001, so if you have more recent data and can send it to me then I'll be pleased to include it.