Wairarapa Violins

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I hope you enjoy violins as much as I do.

I repair and restore violins using traditional techniques, woods and varnishes.

The adjacent photo is a recent repair of an instrument which required edge and belly repairs and refinishing as it came to me sans varnish. I used a Sheldon and Harris ground under a traditional oil varnish for the new finish.

I also offer a bow re-hairing service

I highly recommend gut strings by Dan Larsen. His gut and wound gut strings are my favourite and give that full gut sound. I also recommend resin by Andrea Bang. Links to these will be added shortly.

Please email me with any enquiries.

Repairs and Restorations

Bow rehairs (coming soon)

Violin Strings and Things (coming soon)

Free Sheet Music, a selection of pieces roughly in order of

Lavender's Blue
Old Melody
Skye Boat Song
The Flower of County Down
Menuet for Two Violins
Petite Aire
Theme Op.1
Partita No.3 Gigue

Stephen Butcher

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