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Small donations can be made to my bank account in Masterton, New Zealand: SG and SM Butcher, Westpac Masterton branch, account no. 030687 0524686 00.

If anyone is interested in more serious funding for my work, please email me at and I would be most grateful. I can also be contacted by 'phone on New Zealand 06 3727778.
Help me to help you
In 2004 I began this research at Victoria University and have continued privately and without funding since 2005.

Cancer research takes an inordinate amount of time. It would make life a lot easier if there were some private donations to help pay the bills.
The following is a summary, for transparent public record, of donations received since this website began:
Stephen G Butcher  (Revised 16/03/13)
2007: nil
2008: nil
2009: nil
2010: nil
2011: nil
2012: $25-00 ref. tankstand 13 Dec. 2012
2013: nil to date.
If I have made any mistakes, then please email me at