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          Cancer the Inadmissible Truth                         
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My doctor died last year. From cancer. He was about my age.

Propaganda suggests cancer has no single cause.

The root cause of the cancer epidemic, however, has been known for decades. It is not something that has yet to be discovered. There is irrefutable research which clearly shows the connection between water chlorination and cancer. This research and its publication are actively discouraged. When research does make print, its significance is often clouded by junk science funded by government and industry.

Here in New Zealand, Government propaganda portrays the cancer epidemic in a way which seeks to shift blame from themselves to cancer victims. The notion is that any ill is brought upon cancer sufferers by their own shortcomings: eating the wrong foods, not getting enough exercise or having lower socio-economic parents.

The cancer epidemic is solely the result of the way we treat our drinking water. Government’s policy on water treatment is tantamount to genocide, enshrined in law and unchallenged by the medical profession.

In 2004 I began postgraduate research at Victoria University. I was, at that time, a “mature” student of 49 re-entering university life in the hope of doing constructive research at a time when my chosen profession of architecture was proving to be no longer tenable due to changes in the Building Act. My research area was “Healthy Housing” and my supervisor was John Gray who had an affiliation with the Housing and Health Research Programme under Philippa Howden-Chapman of the Otago School of Medicine.

My aim was to define the relationship between electric fields and cancer incidence. With the outside assistance of Dr Jim Sprott, a well regarded forensic scientist, I put forward a PhD research proposal on the connection between AC ionisation and cancer. At the end of 2005, the University refused to supervise the topic, my ability to do the work was judged as inadequate and the proposal was rejected. Rather than cease research, I continued on my own account.

While preparing the research proposal, my wife suggested I look at ischaemic heart failure (heart attack) as being related to cancer. With a nursing background, she reasoned that heart failure and cancer may be two facets of the same condition. I had to delay this line of inquiry until researching on my own account. When I did, I found that this connection was quite correct.

Nowhere are the cancer and heart failure epidemics and their correlation clearer than in a comparison between unchlorinated and chlorinated water supplies. With absolute certainty, if you drink chlorinated water you will be exposed to the risks of heart failure and cancer.

The cancer and heart failure epidemics have a single common trigger. Just one. That trigger is oxidation of DNA. Oxidation is an electrochemical process which removes electrons from DNA. This book will explore electrochemistry in a little detail as it is pivotal to both epidemics.

Cancer and heart failure as we know them today are not diseases but symptoms of oxidation gone wrong. That means they are indicators of an underlying problem. That problem is the consumption of oxidising chemicals in drinking water; chemicals which we were never designed to drink.

The American Congress has recognised this fact and the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) has been charged with changing the way we treat our water -  to use improved filtration, rather than chemical dosing, so as to avoid chlorine induced cancer and to control the emerging threat of chemically resistant pathogens. The New Zealand Government refuses to heed this advice.

To look at the processes which occur within our cells may not be everyone’s cup of tea but at least a basic knowledge of these is needed to understand how things go wrong when cells are attacked by water treatment chemicals.

Inside a cell, the cancer process starts when an electron is removed from the cell’s DNA. Chlorination of drinking water does this. When chlorine is added to water it produces hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a very strong oxidising agent which kills bugs in water by knocking holes in their cell walls. Unfortunately, hypochlorous acid does the same thing to our cells. Once a hole has been knocked in a cell wall the hypochlorous acid has free access to that cell’s DNA. The acid is able to remove an electron from the DNA by oxidation, setting the stage for cancer.

Hypochlorous acid is known as a "reactive oxygen species" (ROS) which causes a class of cancers known as carcinomas. Carcinomas are the malignant tumours we get today and form the bulk of the cancer epidemic. It is simply not possible to add chlorine to drinking water without also causing an epidemic of the carcinoma type of cancer.

Our human immune system attempts to counteract oxidation by using anti-oxidants, such as vitamin C. However, when chlorine is added to water as a residual disinfectant, even at the minimum of 0.2 parts per million (ppm), we would need to consume around 300 apples a day to obtain sufficient vitamin C anti-oxidant to protect ourselves!

When there is insufficient vitamin C, our defence system employs cholesterol which is an anti-oxidant produced by the liver. This leads to excess cholesterol, blocked arteries, insufficient oxygen to the heart muscle and to ischaemic heart failure (heart attack) in which the heart muscle is irreparably damaged by oxygen starvation.

So excess cholesterol and heart failure are precursor conditions to carcinoma type cancers; in essence they are the first stages of the cancer process. When the cholesterol defence fails and an electron is removed from DNA within a cell, that cell will either be killed, be repaired or mutate. Mutation occurs when the missing electron is replaced by another chemical group which evades the body’s DNA proof reading system. After the addition of such a chemical group, the mutation then progresses to fully blown cancer. My research has focused on this second stage in the cancer process in which a chemical group is added to damaged DNA.

We tend to think of cancer in terms of a broad type, that is, simply as "Cancer”. The big “C”. This is a gross oversimplification which suits the money-go-round of government funded cancer research but is a fallacy which keeps us in the dark on some very useful information.

It is important to know that cancer comes in several distinct types.

1) “Carcinomas” are a particular type of cancer which are the result of oxidation of DNA, as I have related above. These carcinomas form the bulk of the Government sanctioned cancer epidemic and account for over 90% of preventable cancers. There is no Government funding for research into prevention of this type of cancer. Carcinomas are invasive and cannot easily be controlled surgically. Treatment falls back on chemotherapy and radiation, both of which  are carcinogenic and often lead to subsequent relapse! Carcinomas are tumours of the epithelial (lining) tissues and mainly affect the lung, oesophagus, digestive tract, rectum, bladder and kidney.

2) “Sarcomas” are different to carcinomas. Sarcomas are cancers which are of genetic origin and are relatively rare, accounting for less than 10% of tumours  and were once the main type of cancer before the epidemic of carcinomas began. These can be removed surgically as they tend not to be invasive or invade surrounding tissues. Nearly all pure research funding is applied to this type of cancer. Sarcomas are tumours of the connective tissues and mainly affect the bone and muscles.

3) “Blood cancers” are different to both carcinomas and sarcomas in that blood cancers do not involve solid tumours. These are cancers such as lymphomas and leukaemias, which are also treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

The cancer epidemic is almost entirely made up of preventable carcinomas caused by the chlorination process whereas research funding on cancer prevention is almost entirely spent on sarcomas which are not part of the cancer epidemic.      

Chlorination does not act alone. The damage caused by the chlorination process is greatly accentuated by other factors. The two main factors are the adjustment of drinking water pH with lime and the ionisation of metal water pipes which are pressed into service as de facto power lines. These additional factors are regarded as inconsequential by legislators and by the engineers who design water treatment systems but each of these factors has a devastating effect which worsens the cancer epidemic.

The factors of pH adjustment and ionisation are described in detail elsewhere in this book. They are only a little technical and a basic knowledge of secondary school physics and chemistry will suffice to understand them. Even without that background, the concepts should not be too difficult to follow.

You have a right to know the truth. Much of the content of this book is well known in independent research and academic circles but very poorly available in practice. I hope this publication helps to shed a little light on the subject for you and gives the New Zealand Government a publicly visible “heads up."


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